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Aircraft Rust Proof 525Mpa 7075 T651 Aluminum Sheet Plate

Aircraft Rust Proof 525Mpa 7075 T651 Aluminum Sheet Plate

7075 T651 Aluminum Sheet Plate

525Mpa Aluminum Sheet Plate

Rust Proof Aluminum Sheet Plate

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Product Details
Product Name:
Tensile Strength 525Mpa High Strength 7075 T651 Aluminum Sheet Plate
Nominal Density (68° F / 20°C):
2.80 G/c.c.
Melting Range:
532°C - 635 °C
Specific Heat (212 °F / 100°C:
960 J/kg-°K
Tensile Strength (ksi):
78000 Psi
Yield Strength (ksi):
68000 Psi
Elongation %:
Aircraft And Ordnance Industries, Aircraft Fittings, Missile Parts, Regulating Valve Parts, Meter Gears, Fuse Parts, Worm Gears And Keys.
Weight-to-strength Ration:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
2 metric tons
Packaging Details
plywood case
Delivery Time
14 days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
78 metric tons per month
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Product Description
Tensile Strength 525Mpa High Strength 7075 T651 Aluminum Sheet Plate
7075 aluminum plate belongs to the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu super-duralumin, 7075 alloy is an ultra-high-strength deformed aluminum alloy that has been used in the aircraft industry in the late 1940s and is still widely used in the aviation industry.
It is characterized by good plasticity after solution treatment, particularly good heat treatment strengthening effect, high strength below 150 ℃, and particularly good low temperature strength; poor welding performance; stress corrosion cracking tendency; aluminum or other Protection processing use.
Two-stage aging can improve the alloy's ability to resist stress corrosion cracking. The plasticity in the annealed and just-quenched state is slightly lower than 2A12 in the same state. It is slightly better than 7A04. The static fatigue of the sheet is sensitive to notches, and the stress corrosion performance is better than 7A04. Among them, the 7075-T651 state is particularly top-grade and is known as aluminum The most excellent product among alloys has high strength, far better than mild steel. This alloy has good mechanical properties and anode reaction, and is a typical aerospace and military special aluminum alloy material.
Chemical Composition
7075 Alloy Chemical Composition Limits
Weight% Al Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Other Each Others Total
7075 min Rem - - 1.2 - 2.1 0.18 5.1 - - -
7075 max Rem 0.40 0.50 2.0 0.30 2.9 0.28 6.1 0.20 0.05 0.15

7075 Aluminum Sheet Plate Typical Mechanical Properties

Material Temper Thickness (in) Tensile Strength (ksi) Yield Strength (ksi) Elongation %
Alloy 7075 Sheet T6 Bare 0.125 - 0.25 78 69 8
Alloy 7075 Sheet T651 Bare 0.25 - 0.50 78 67 9
Alloy 7075 Sheet T651 Bare 0.5 - 1.0 78 68 7
Alloy 7075 Sheet T6 Clad 0.188 - 0.25 75 64 8
Alloy 7075 Sheet T651 Clad 0.25 - 0.50 75 65 9
Alloy 7075 Sheet T651 Clad 0.5 - 1.00 78 68 7

7075 Aluminum Typical Physical Properties

Characteristic English Metric
Nominal Density (68° F / 20°C) 0.101 lbs./ in ³ 2.80 Mg/m³
Melting Range 990° F - 1175° F 532°C - 635 °C
Specific Heat (212 °F / 100°C 0.23 BTU/lb - °F 960 J/kg-°K



7075 Aluminum Alloy Typical Applications


7075 status: O, T6, T73, T76 plates.
7075 state: O, T651, T7351, T7651 thick material
7075 state: O, T6, T173 stretch tube
7075 status: O, T6, T6510, T6511, T73, T73510, T73511, T76, T76510, T76511 Extruded tube, shape, rod, wire
7075 state: O, H13, T6, T651, T73, T7351 rolled or cold worked bars
7075 status: O, H13, T6, T73 cold processed wire
7075 status: T6, T73 rivet wire
7075 status: F, T6, T652, T73, T7352 forgings
7075 typical use
Used to manufacture aircraft structures and other high-stress structural parts that require high strength and strong corrosion resistance, such as aircraft upper and lower wing panels, stringers, bulkheads, etc. After solution treatment, the plasticity is good, and the heat treatment strengthening effect is particularly good. It has high strength below 150℃, and has particularly good low temperature strength, poor welding performance, and stress corrosion cracking tendency. Two-stage aging can improve the SCC resistance. Provided by Wuxi Hanshin Metallurgy.
Common types of aluminum plates and aluminum alloys are: aluminum strip, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, aluminum tube, mirror aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, curtain wall aluminum plate, pattern aluminum plate, embossed aluminum plate, aluminum rod, non-slip aluminum plate, aluminum plate, cold rolled aluminum plate, hot rolled aluminum plate , Southwest plate (import) mirror aluminum plate, pure aluminum plate, pure aluminum coil, deep drawn aluminum plate, lighting aluminum plate, bottle cap material, circuit board, transformer special aluminum strip, aluminum foil, composite bottom plate, rust-proof aluminum plate, etc.
7075 is an aluminum alloy with zinc as the main alloying element, but sometimes a small amount of magnesium and copper are added. Among them, the super-hard aluminum alloy contains zinc, lead, magnesium and copper alloys, which are close to the hardness of steel. It can be strengthened by heat treatment. It is a high-strength, heat-treatable alloy with ordinary corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. Aluminum 7075 is a cold-treated forging alloy with high strength, far better than mild steel. 7075 aluminum alloy is one of the most powerful alloys commercially available. Ordinary corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction. The small grains make the deep drilling performance better, the tool wear resistance is enhanced, and the thread rolling is more different.
Sample size: bar diameter (diameter of square bar, hexagonal bar inscribed circle) ≤ 25


Aircraft Rust Proof 525Mpa 7075 T651 Aluminum Sheet Plate 0Aircraft Rust Proof 525Mpa 7075 T651 Aluminum Sheet Plate 1



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