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China Chongqing Huanyu Aluminum Material Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Huanyu Aluminum Material Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Huanyu's main marketing products include aluminum alloy sheets, aluminum tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum profiles, aluminum die forgings and free aluminum forgings.All aluminum alloy products sold by Chongqing Huanyu are produced from our eco-friendly factory which has passed ISO 9001 / TS 16949 quality management system certification. The products produced here are in line with international standards and are widely used in aerospace industry, land transportation equipment manufacturin...
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QUALITY Aluminium Solid Round Bar & 7075 Aluminum Round Bar factory

TF500-8' Feed Beam TF500-10' Aluminium Extruded Profiles

Feed Beam Type:TF500


Matchining:Depend On Availability Of Machining Drawings

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6061 T6 Seamless Aluminum Tubing 6061 Aluminium Seamless Pipe

Corrosion Resistance:Good

Machining Characteristics:Good


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14 Feet Atlas Epiroc BMH2000 Aluminium Alloy Extruded Profiles

Feed Beam Type:BMH2000


Matchining:As Per Buyer's Demand

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Atlas Cradle Plate Profiles 280mm Wide Aluminium Extruded Profiles

Density:2.8 G/c.c.

Melting Range:532°C - 635 °C

Elongation %:10%

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2023-08-25 10:51:53
I'm so appreciate that I finally find the best manufacturer with good quality and competitive prices, and also support customized services.
Darwin Barrowman
2023-08-25 10:54:53
Your service professionalism is unimaginable to me. You helped me solve many problems in advance and made our cooperation very pleasant.
Steve William Gainer
2023-08-25 10:56:55
The previous cooperation was very pleasant, and we will continue to cooperate in the future.
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Multiple uses of aluminum can reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Multiple uses of aluminum can reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Research by the Institute for Energy and the Environment (IFEU) in Heidelberg, Germany, has shown that cars made of aluminum can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel, and in London, the International Aluminum Institute (IAI) has come to the same conclusion.   In 2011, about 1.4 tons of carbon dioxide emissions were caused by the use of aluminum in the manufacture of automobiles, and 60 billion liters of crude oil could be saved during the use of these vehicles. This information was revealed by IAI experts at the China Aluminum and Transportation Conference held in China, Dalian, and China. By extension, the IFEU study shows that if all vehicles (including cars, trucks, railway locomotives, ships and aircraft) were due to aluminum and reduced weight, annual emissions of greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 6.6 tons, equivalent to About 9% of the global transportation industry.   The IAI experts suggest that this conclusion is based on IFEU research data and the use of a long-term model of aluminum industry development that takes into account greenhouse gas emissions from aluminum production, vehicle use and disposal.
Environmentally friendly new materials - to create a leading brand of industrial aluminum profiles
Environmentally friendly new materials - to create a leading brand of industrial aluminum profiles
The main advantages of industrial aluminum profiles: 1. The metal has low density, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, good ductility, good plasticity, and good productivity, which brings good advantages to production. 2. It has good surface treatment performance, stable chemical properties, non-magnetic, and can be used repeatedly. It is a benign and recyclable metal material. 3. The coefficient of elasticity is small, and the friction and impact will not cause sparks, which is the best performance in automobile technology. 4. No metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile metal surface oxide layer. Due to the many advantages of industrial aluminum profiles, their applications are becoming more and more extensive.
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